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The summer of barefoot
1976-80 Varsity Basketball Champs
Terry Dickison
James Clifton Heatley II
Going on 20 years!!!!!!!
Don't write on trees
MVHS; 41 Years Ago
Them MOVAL days !!!
Fond Memories of MVHS
Fond Memories
yeaa moval!
class 1992
I Miss Moval;(
Class of 1981
MVP Freshman Basketball Team
Mr. Reznick
History Day
mr.danielson was talented teacher and artist
New School
Karen Daniel
Homecomming BlackOut
Life Back Then
best day
Things That Make Mo Val - Mo Val
A Freshman in PE
Weekend trip
My time at MVH
best dang years ever
Homecoming Game 08
memories of an exchange student
My years at MVHS
Dakota Misses MoVal
my years at moval
Trailers instead of classrooms
Marching Band

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