Class of 1981
Sender: Sheila Motko
Posted On: 02/09/2011
Year: 1980-1981

Class of 1981

I arrived at MVHS in the fall 1980 for my first and last year of high school, yes, I was a senior in a new school, not knowing anyone. I was mainly in the trailers for classes..except for Choir and PE. Mr. Fast was the Chior director. The girl's choir wear beautiful Viking blue(as i would call it). One of the school plays during this year was "Fiddler on the Roof". starring senior James(Jimmy)Berbee. (hope I spelled his name right). I actually had a crush on him..but he never noticed.and I never told.I was too shy and thought he would laugh at me. But he was a nice guy and and always spoke nice to me..he even signed my yearbook(which I lost years later). But just before graduation, my parents moved from Sunnymead to Rialto..though I finished my senior year and walked with my class, I was 15 credits from the Diploma...One of my favorite teacher's was Mrs Ross and Mrs. Stone..Also that year the Girls and Mixed choirs got to perform at the Mission Inn...A VIKING FOREVER ....81 RULES

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