Fond Memories of MVHS
Sender: Mike Williams
Posted On: 01/09/2012
Year: 1968

Fond Memories of MVHS

I started MVHS in September of 1968 after "graduating" from Alessandro Jr. High in the summer of that year. I lived on Cottonwood, just before Parris Blvd, which made me and my sister have to walk to school everyday. I was in the band under the direction of Mr. Ricci that year. The only other teacher I remember was Mr. Tyrell, which I had for math. He was the only teacher I ever had that made math understandable. I was in the ROTC program as well. Sadly, being an Air Force brat, I moved back to Florida, which is where I am from originally anyway.

Imagine this; I started high school in the ninth grade at MVHS and reentered junior high in Florida to finish the ninth grade. I also got teased a little at my new school because of the gold gym shorts; I earned the nick name "goldie" because of that. I laughed it off.

I have very fond memories of MVHS and remember faces that are now nameless, except for one, Debbie Huff, which was my girlfriend. I made a lot of friends with my classmates and some of the teachers. I especially liked having the choice, at lunch, of sitting down to the cafeteria meal or using the short order window. My favorite lunch was a cheeseburger and a chocolate malted milk shake.

If I could just do it all over again...

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