James Clifton Heatley II
Sender: Jim Hammer
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Posted On: 04/12/2013
Year: 1976

James Clifton Heatley II

James Clifton Heatley the Second (he didn't like to go by Junior) died in a private plane crash, shortly after leaving the military. He was newly married, and had already completed his degree at USC.

His scholarship to USC came as a complete surprise to him. He said he never applied and thought someone might have made a mistake. But it was no mistake. Jim was voted most talented by his senior peers. He was athletic, lettering in track; musical, singing tenor in Madrigals, and leading the band as the drum major. He was an officer in ROTC.

In drama, he was usually working with lights and sound, trying to get our dark, echo chamber of a hall to support the actors, but in his senior year, he took his comic talents on the stage and stole the show as Dr. Einstein in "Arsenic and Old Lace."

I have probably left out more than half of his accomplishments and activities. He seemed to be everywhere, and doing everything, with humor and optimism.

He filled his short life with love and accomplishments, and many, many friendships.

Many of us were there when they laid you to rest, Jim. You looked young and healthy, with a short growth of beard you had just started. It looked as if you might stand at any moment and tell us it was all a joke.

We love you and miss you.

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