MVHS; 41 Years Ago
Sender: Jerry Bell
Posted On: 06/12/2012
Year: 1971

MVHS; 41 Years Ago

Today is June 1st, 2012. I graduated from MVHS 41 years ago on the 11th of Jun 1971. I often Google MVHS to see the campus where I spent some of the best of my life. It's been several years since I had a chance to visit the campus. I met Ann, the love of my life on the sidewalk by the cafeteria going towards the parking lot. It was a sunny June day in 1970 and we were finished with school for the day and getting ready for our summer vacation. I fell all over myself at first sight of her, gave her a ride home from school and I have loved her ever since. Moreno Valley High School was between Edgemont and Sunnymeade back when Moreno Valley was "The Valley" Moreno Valley High School will always be in my heart. And, when I reminisce, my years at MVHS will always bring fond memories of many events in my life all of which go back to my roots in Moreno Valley, CA. Should you read this, take away one thought: the four years you spend in your high school is a once in a lifetime event. Make it worthwhile.

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