Terry Dickison
Sender: Jim Hammer
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Posted On: 04/18/2014
Year: 1973-1975

Terry Dickison

Terry Dickison won the Best Actor award at MVHS his senior year, 1975, for his portrayal of John Proctor in the Crucible, and Paul Bratter (Robert Redford in the film) in Barefoot in the Park. He also had a minor role in Sound of Music, but singing wasn't in his CV, so he had to be content with spending hour after hour entertaining everyone with his rye commentary on life and the silly way we do everything. I can't say we were best friends, but Terry had a way of making those around him feel that they were important, funny and talented. He had a sharp wit, but he used it with care. We were a couple of years out of high school when Terry told me he was gay. I guess it wasn't a big secret, but until then I didn't know. I remembered that before he told me, I had spent an unsuccessful afternoon trying to convince him to ask out a girl who was "secretly" in love with him. I was glad Terry trusted me enough to tell me, but I also understood why he didn't confide in me earlier. High school is difficult enough without trusting your emotions to immature minds. In his junior year Terry played the silent king in Once Upon a Mattress...the story of the princess and the pea. In many ways the character was like Terry...funny, sympathetic to outsiders, and tolerant...until finally at the end he has to speak up for justice and save the day. I lost touch with Terry a few years after school, and when I tried to look him up I found that he was one of the few (too many) who had his journey cut short. He was loving, caring, witty, funny, handsome, talented, and endlessly interesting to talk to. I am sad I missed the follow-up conversation...and I know I am not alone.

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