4 Year Plan for University & Graduation Check
Attached is a 4-year plan. There are two parts to this document.
The first part of the plan outlines what a student needs to graduate from Moreno Valley Unified School District. 
The second part of the plan uses the A-G subject requirements that the 4 year universities use for entrance.
A-G subject requirements refers to the high school courses required for entrance to the University of California and the California State University systems. They are so-called because there are seven general subject areas labeled “A” through “G” (see list at end of article). These requirements should not be confused with the courses required by the state of California or individual school districts for high school graduation —requirements are less in some subjects and greater in others.
The California State University (CSU) system requires a minimum of a “C” grade in all A-G courses while the University of California (UC) system requires a 3.0 Grade Point Average in the A-G courses meaning that a “C” grade can be balanced by an “A” grade in another class.
Also attached here, Senior Graduation Check list which the our counselors use when meeting with their Senior's to determine if they are on track for graduation.