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Celebrate Welding!

I am so proud to share the extraordinary accomplishments of our MVHS Welding Academy students. This past Saturday we hosted our Fall 2019 National Welding Certification Day. Our welding technicians completed 116 welding test that passed American Welding Society's (AWS) strict inspection standards certifying them as AWS welders! Certifications were issued using four welding processes in various metals and testing standards including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The certification test followed various welding code standards from D 1.1 and D 9.1, in material thickness from 10 gauge to 1 inch.
This Fall 2019 National Certification Day has been the greatest to date. We host one certification day per semester. Last year, both certification days culminated with an outstanding 128 AWS welding certifications issues doubling our efforts from the year prior. Last Saturday, our students alone received 116 certs, so we are going to far surpass last years total. We set an Welding Academy goal to reach 200 certifications for the 2019-2020 school year and we hope to bring this fruition.
Every semester we set goals for our MVHS Welding Academy and our welding technicians rise to the occasion and surpass all expectations. Certification is not part of our course instruction plan. These students go the extra mile to complete what normally is a post secondary welding certification test paying out of pocket for the associated fees. These certifications are typically completed at the end of an associates degree from a community college or trade school accrediation. But our students continue to share their knowledge with one another and build up our program as a community on a peer-to-peer basis. We have a wide range of students in our program and every success is significant. However, it is the ones that do not come easy and are earned through hard work, dedication and perseverance that leave a lasting impression . Our academy is composed of gifted learners, EL, Special Ed, homeless, male and female technicians alike that earn the marks of becoming a certified welder and join a special group of young tradesmen and tradeswomen.
We say in our welding program that we are on the shoulders of giants. That it is our duty to pursue excellence by pushing ourselves in unison with one another to accomplish what has not yet been done before in our community. Our welding students exuded this mantra. I am so grateful to be apart of this program and to have the opportunity to leader these young men and women in this pursuit in becoming career ready!
Our certification has been made possible, for the past three years since the inception, by a partnership with Integrity Welding LLC, Mr. Chancy, an Accredited Testing Facilitator and Certified Welder Inspector. I would also like to thank Coach Strawn and the STEAM Academy for having us this year as we were able to have remarkable industry professionals come in not only present to our students but also give demonstrations to help us reach our certification goals.

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