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Art for the Animals

TownGate Elementary Library keeps students reading all summer long

Parents at TownGate Elementary have a way to help their students fight the “summer slump.” The TownGate library is open to current students at the school 2 days each week so students can have access to books that keep them reading and help them get a jumpstart on the next school year.

Funds from the school's LCAP budget are being used to keep the library open this summer. Superintendent Dr. Kedziora encourages all schools to use site LCAP funds in this manner.

The library is open from 9-11 a.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays through July.

Librarian Esther Layne said parents and grandparents have been very happy to have the library during the summer months. Ms. Layne also provides a short story time and offers other activities such as games and building blocks.

“It’s a great local option for the summer. The school community now has easier access to books,” said parent Brenda Arreola, who has two children at who attend TownGate and two younger children who also enjoy the library time.

Esther Layne said they encourage the students to “Feed your brain,” then head to TownGate Park to “Feed your body” at the summer meal program.