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School Policies

Moreno Valley High School is committed to maintaining academic honesty. Honesty is the essence on which all human relation- ships are founded. Academic dishonesty is almost always an attempt by a student to show possession of a level of knowledge or skill, which he or she does not possess.
It is considered cheating if: 
  • A student uses anyone else's knowledge or work, and says it is his/her own.
  • A student uses a "cheat sheet" while taking an examination in class.
  • A student turns in an assignment that someone else has written. 
  • "Student A" knowingly and willfully allows "Student B" to use his/her work, and "Student B" presents it as his/her own.
  • A student uses a quotation in a term paper without a proper footnote, without giving proper credit, or without identifying to whom the quotation is credited.
Once the teacher determines cheating has occurred, the assignment will be graded with an "F", and a zero will be recorded in the grade book. Students violating the Academic Honesty Policy will be referred to the appropriate administrator, and will be assigned one day of On Campus Suspension (OCS). Flagrant or habitual cheating will result in the student's referral to the Sequential Discipline Review Board, which may choose one of the following consequences: 
  1. Recommend failure of the course.
  2. Recommend a behavior contract and/or community service.
  3. Suspension from school (E.C. 48900(k)).