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Alex Art for the Animals


Art for the Animals

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Kassandra Art for the Animals


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Adam Art for the Animals



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Amber Art for the Animals


Jose Art for the Animals


Martin Art for the Animals


Alumni » Reunion Information

Reunion Information

Class of 2003

The committee has secured a venue for the Moreno Valley High School 2003 Alumni Reunion on September 14, 2013 at 7pm. It will be held at the Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club in Moreno Valley off of John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Along with the Venue, there will be dinner, DJ and Photo booth services, and alcoholic drinks served (paid separately). Due to the fact that there is alcohol served at the reunion, we highly recommend that persons under the age of 21 not attend unless it cannot be avoided. Children are welcome to the reunion.

Tickets to the venue are $45 per person. After August 14th, ticket prices go up $5. Get your tickets soon!! Persons attending under the age of 14 are $10 (to cover food and drink).

Tickets can be purchased through PayPal. If you are planning to attend and purchase a ticket, please go to the Moreno Valley High School Alumni Guestbook page, and sign up! Below is the Guestbook site:

Once there, you will be asked for to sign up for the Guestbook, along with a series of questions. This allows The Committee to know how much for each invite. After you have successfully signed the Guestbook, you will be receiving a payment invoice within 2-3 days that confirms your interest and to allow payment through PayPal.